We have been working on the H2OnlyBattery and its applications for the past 15 years. Since 2016, our company H2OnlyBattery produces flashlights for emergency situations and also for general use. The flashlights are operated without batteries, based on our new innovative cells and are capable of producing energy using only water (or other liquid).

H2OnlyBattery's main target is to produce energy from water and to develop an alternative, low voltage, pollution free power source.


During extensive research in the sector of renewable energy, from 2005 to 2011, our team developed a new type of cell that can produce usable energy from water without the use of toxins or chemicals. Our innovative type of cells can support many different low energy consuming devices for the emergency sector and more.

Since 2016, our company based in Heraklion, Greece, manufacture, distribute and sell under the distinctive registered trademark «H2OnlyBattery»; our products are marketed in Greece as well as in many other countries.

At the present time, on our production line, we manufacture three different models of flashlights; each one is designed for a different purpose.


In many ways, we live in a battery-dependent society. But batteries are not just used in consumer goods.
The increasing global demand for batteries is largely due to the rapid increase in portable, power consuming, products such as lighting equipment, cellular phones, video cameras, toys, laptop computers, etc.

Each year consumers dispose of billions of batteries, all containing toxic or corrosive materials. Some batteries contain toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead and lithium which become hazardous waste and therefore pose threats to health and the environment if improperly disposed.

When humans are stuck in an emergency situation, a natural disaster with a loss of power, batteries are still the most usable energy source for backup lighting systems worldwide.
However, batteries can seriously damage the environment and human health.


We have the solution. With our innovative technology, we could support unlimited applications of our product in many sectors.
The products that we produce DO NOT need any type of external charging source, DO NOT need batteries and DO NOT depend on the weather conditions (wind, sun, etc.), as they need only water or any other liquid to operate.

H2OnlyBattery technology is environmentally friendly concerning the production process and also the raw materials we use for our products.
Our Portable Energy Banks will be ready for use in any emergency situation even after a long period of storage.

In the airtight package, our product can be stored for as long as you need before the first use.


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